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Tchaikovsky - 'At the Ball'

Alla   Kravchuk


“Alla Kravchuk is a top-drawer Melisande, with a bright, burnished tone and a marvelous ability to hint at dark depths.  ...  a perfectly judged and profoundly moving performance.”

​                                                                       The Financial Times

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Alla Kravchuk showed her piercingly beautiful purity of timbre ... she was a character you could fully believe in who played the epic context of her suffering with impeccable clarity and deep emotion.”

​                                                                                     Opera Now

Alla Kravchuk's Ilia beeindruckt durch emotional-intensives Spiel, vermittelt mit ihrer klar konturierten Stimme in perfekten Hohen und ausgewogener mittellage und schafft ein bewegendes Portrat, dieser mythisch-exemplarischen Figur.


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